Great things are happening at Gas Monkey Garage… Come down and join us for another great night of live music!!


Check it!



You won’t want to miss this great line up!

See you there!


Vvvvrrrooom!    Gonna be another great week at the Gas Monkey Garage in SL!!

Check out our great lineup!

gmgpromodec4thDon’t miss out!

Be there or be…. square!!!



Who else is looking forward to Wednesday Night Jam Sessions at Gas Monkey Garage??!!!    MEEEEEE!!!    We have a great line up today!    You won’t want to miss a minute of today’s great live music action!!


Check it out…



Looking forward to the shows and seeing you there!


Coming soon to Gas Monkey Garage in SL!!!

Do you have what it takes???

Monkey factor

We’re geared up and excited about another fun day in the garage tomorrow!    Anyone else as excited as me?   I’m doubting it… but then we know I’m just excited about life these days!    So lets show you what you have to look forward to on Wednesday shall we…..

Check it….



That’s a line up to make you go … WOW!


For some samples of the talent.. you can find them here…

Nance Brody –

Jordan Reyne –

David Csiszar –

Gina Stella –

Gravey Jones –

Long Pausch –


Get there early for the primo parking and stay the stay the day!!

This week at Gas Monkey Garage we will be welcoming MiMi Singer to the stage for the first time.    This girl has an amazing voice.    I’m so looking forward to hearing her again and I know you will not be disappointed.    Some of our regular favorites will be grooving their songs too.   Its going to be another great evening of live music at Gas Monkey Garage.   Don’t miss out!


gmgjamsessionnov6thGet their early and stay all day!   I’ll save you a primo parking spot!




The engines are roaring to life at the garage!   The excitement is palpable for the weekly jam session.    The events have just gotten better and better!    This week will be no different.


Another great line up some tremendous talent.


Check it!




Don’t miss out on this night of great live music.    Remember all times are SLT!


See you there!